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Welcome To The Stutz Business & Arts Center

The Stutz is a bustling business center and a unique home for small and mid-sized businesses. Our tenants range from independent entrepreneurs to larger companies with multiple employees.

The Stutz pioneered the “vanilla box” concept that allows business owners to rent the right amount of square footage and then create an interior office atmosphere that best accommodates their work style, personality and business needs. We can provide a "vanilla box" as small as a couple hundred square feet up to several thousand square feet. The Stutz’s management team - Turner John Management - maintains the building exteriors and common areas.

Stutz 1

The Stutz Business & Arts Center

Stutz 2

The Stutz II

Available Spaces

Building E

  E-415 | Fourth Floor

  • Approx. 710 square feet
  • Work in Progress! Space should be completed around April 1st.
  • Exposed brick, concrete floors and north light!


The Stutz Business & Arts Center

  • Flexible space with unlimited possibilities
  • Fenced and secured parking with over 200 available spaces
  • Easy access to interstate system
  • 16 loading docks (including 8 enclosed) in the Stutz
  • Two fully enclosed loading docks in the Stutz II
  • 24 hour access
  • 5 freight elevators and one passenger elevator in the Stutz
  • One freight elevator in the Stutz II
  • On-site maintenance and management offices
  • 10’ - 20’ ceiling heights in the Stutz and 10’ - 14’ ceiling heights in the Stutz II
  • Basic utilities paid
  • Property taxes paid
  • The Bearcat's Restaurant located within the Stutz Business Center
  • Vending machines located throughout the buildings
  • Ground floor spaces
  • 24/7 on-site security provided
  • Versatility – the ability to manufacture and store everything under one roof


  • Labor and fork lift services
  • Shipping and receiving services available
  • Temporary additional storage
  • Extra trash service
  • Additional voltage for heavy machinery
  • Zoned CBD-S

Features - Stutz II

  • 70,000 Square Feet of flexible space with unlimited possibilities
  • Just 10 blocks north of the heart of downtown Indianapolis
  • Fenced parking available
  • Immediate access to Indianapolis' interstate system
  • 24-hour access
  • One freight elevator
  • Two fully enclosed loading docks
  • An interior alley for loading & unloading
  • On-site management and maintenance office
  • 10 to 14 foot ceiling heights

Features available at the Stutz
Features available at the Stutz
Features available at the Stutz
Services offered by the Stutz

Building Maps

Stutz location map
Stutz location map

Building Emergency Procedures

Emergencies happen – the Chicago fire, the Oklahoma City bombing, the San Francisco earthquake, are all evidence that emergencies can and do impact the workplace. Although they are unplanned and unwanted, it is everyone’s responsibility to be prepared for them. These Emergency Procedures contain the information you need to be prepared for an emergency. Everyone who works in this building must read and be familiar with these procedures. We recommend that these procedures be distributed to all employees and posted in a lunchroom or other common area.

If you have any questions about the procedures and plans in this guide, please contact the Maintenance Office (317-488-7374).


An effective evacuation depends on the orderly ‘phasing’ of floor clearance, which means that generally the fire floor is evacuated first and immediately. Building occupants must create an environment that supports cooperation with the Emergency Response Team to ensure that all employees are well informed and instructed on evacuation procedures and comply with instructions provided.


  1. Remain Calm
  2. Leave the area and if conditions are safe, close doors as exiting to prevent smoke and fire from spreading.
  3. Call 911 from a safe location and report:
    • Name
    • Type of Emergency
    • Location of the Fire
    • What is Burning
    • Company Name
    • Physical Building Address (1060 N. Captiol Avenue or 212 W 10th Street)
    • Floor and Suite Number
    • Telephone Number
  4. Call the Maintenance Office (317-488-7374) from a safe location and report the fire.
  5. Emergency Response Team implements the Evacuation Plan.
    • Evacuate or relocate and assist all others in the immediate area
    • Close doors behind you to isolate the fire
    • Proceed to stairwells and listen for instructions. Never use the elevators>
    • Be cautious when opening doors so as not to spread the fire. Touch any door with the back of your hand to see if it is hot before opening.
    • If smoke is present, stay low and crawl with your body against the floor. The clearest air is near the floor. If forced to make a dash through smoke or flame, hold your breath and cover your nose and mouth with an article of clothing.
  6. Emergency Response Team follows instructions as directed by the local authorities or the Emergency Person In Charge


The U.S. Weather Service reports the movement of severe weather that may present a threat to metropolitan areas. Severe weather includes but is not limited to thunderstorms, tornados, windstorms, snowstorms, etc. If a tornado warning has been issued by the weather service, a tornado siren may sound in your area to notify you that a tornado warning is in effect.

If an alert for severe weather is announced by the U.S. Weather Service:

  1. The Emergency Response Team should move all occupants away from the perimeter of the building instructing tenants to close perimeter doors when exiting.
  2. If time permits, close all drapes and blinds.
  3. Take cover in core areas of the building such as interior offices, hallways, corridors, or restrooms away from glass doors and windows.
  4. When the all clear is announced, the Emergency Response Team will direct employees to return to regularly scheduled duties.
  5. Call 911 and notify the Maintenance Office of injuries.
  6. Report any damage such as broken windows, leaks, or fire to the Management Office.
  7. Tenants should maintain an inventory of first aid and emergency supplies to be used during severe weather.


In the event the building sustains a power failure, emergency lighting should be available in the stairwells. Stairwell emergency lighting is powered by either a battery back-up system or emergency generator. Generally, HVAC equipment, lights, outlets, most elevators and telephone equipment will not be operational.


  1. The property team will contact the electric company to attempt to find out the cause of the outage and the anticipated duration of the outage.
  2. Turn off all appliances, computers and other equipment. If equipment is turned on and a power surge occurs, the surge may damage equipment.
  3. The emergency Response Team meet in the elevator lobby to determine if any people are trapped in the elevators. If so, ask the occupants to remain calm and determine if anyone is injured. Let them know that you are requesting assistance. Call 911 if people are injured or in danger. Notify the Maintenance Office (317-488-7374) and inform them of the entrapment, status and location of the elevator car.
  4. Elevator Monitors stay in contact with the trapped individuals until assistance arrives. Reassure them that assistance is on the way.
  5. If the power outage becomes lengthy (an hour or more) and the electric company does not know how long the power will be out, the property team will provide information and direction to the tenants. Reassure them that assistance is on the way. The building may close for business.

All Emergencies


Maintenance Office

(317) 488-7374

After Hours Building Emergency Number

(317) 506-2419

Local Police Department

(317) 327-3811

Police Department (Emergency)


Fire Department


Area Hospital Methodist Hospital

(317) 916-3525

Electric Company - Indianapolis Power & Light

(317) 261-8111

Gas Company - Citizen’s Gas Company

(317) 924-3333

Water Company - Indianapolis Water Company