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New Locations For Parking Meters

January 2016

Parking Meters

We wanted to let everyone know that we were notified via the City and ParkIndy that new locations for parking meters are coming to our neighborhood! The new meters will extend from St. Clair heading north, all the way to 11th St., turning left through the 200 block.

ParkIndy has already begun the installation of the meter poles along Capitol Avenue. The ParkIndy team estimates about a 60-day turnaround until all areas are complete. They plan to work north to south, starting with the immediate area around the Stutz Building.

Most likely meters will be operational within the next 30 - 45 days. The meters are classified as Zone 3 (M-F, 7am - 6pm, $1.00 /Hr). Meters allow early purchase (pre-feed for 7am) starting at 5am, and can be paid remotely by using any smart phone via the Parkmobile app (

We all hope that this will be a positive for our building and the neighborhood, allowing Stutz clients and guests to find inexpensive parking readily accessible.