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No Mean City

April 2016


Bayonet Media, located in the historic Stutz Business Center, recently produced 14 videos for No Mean City. These videos center around Indianapolis neighborhoods, businesses, individuals, and cultural spots. These are the movers and shakers of Indy.

No Mean City is a collaborative (non-partisan) effort to tell the real stories of life in Indianapolis—a citizens’ guide to community, culture, schools, and housing in Marion County.

The interactive website, videos, and print materials were produced by some of Indy’s most engaged residents. They combine smart editorial and beautiful visuals, in an intuitive, easy access format. The No Mean City initiative was developed in response to a real economic threat—more people need to live in Marion County to support the tax base.

Indy companies need more talent. The city needs more producers and more economic development. And neighborhoods are eager for more neighbors.

After soliciting direct input from 500+ current and former Indianapolis residents and concerned businesses in the area—over a two-and-a-half-year period—it became clear that Marion County had a perception problem. Outside perceptions of the city were not in sync with the Indianapolis product, making it unnecessarily difficult to attract and retain talent.

The name pays tribute to the history of Indianapolis and is derived from an inspirational quote, once used by President Benjamin Harrison and former-Mayor Charles Bookwalter to describe the city. The cornerstone of Old City Hall solidifies Indy’s rallying cry in its inscription: “I am, myself, a citizen of no mean city.”

The name refers to both Indy as a welcoming place, but also as not your average city. Rather as a crossroads city, Indy is a convergence of bold ideas, big risks and an intersection of innovation and opportunity.