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Turner John Management

Turner John Management is the company that maintains leases/sells and generally oversees daily operations of properties within the Turner James Investment's portfolio.

The management team includes 13 professionals who are charged with turning Turner's dream into a reality; this is the team that gets things done. Woodard developed relationships with many of the senior staff members prior to asking them to join his team.

Jeff LaFollette: Vice President of Assets and Operations
LaFollette is a mechanic by trade who maintained Woodard's vehicles and collectable cars. Woodard called on LaFollette to fix an air conditioner at a rental property one day and that's when their partnership was sealed. To Woodard's surprise LaFollette did a "wonderful" job. LaFollette then turned to Woodard and said, "Turner, I can fix anything. Just give me the time, book and money." Today LaFollette oversees the maintenance and improvements at all properties in the portfolio. He also serves as the team manager for Woodard's race team. Woodard says he doesn't do much without consulting LaFollette-a trusted advisor.

Anne Jester: Vice President of Administration and Leasing
Woodard and Jester met while he was selling products for HP Chemical. The two developed a mutual business admiration for each other, so when Woodard needed to develop a property management team it was a natural to call Jester. Her daily responsibilities include lease ups at the Stutz, Stutz II, and rentals at Wasatch Lake. Anne is a trusted advisor and friend who helps oversee the finances and administration of his companies.

Other Management Company Employees Include:
Matt Kennicutt - Chad Smith - Jeff Christianson - Kevin Handrick - Dale Collins Jr. - Ron Echarry - RJ Pollak - Cliff Burlew - Matt Kennicutt - Kailey Evans

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Turner James Investments

Turner Woodard is an Indianapolis native who has successfully carved his niche in commercial development through "adaptive reuse," altering a building or property originally used for one purpose into something new that is productive and beneficial.

He is the owner and president of Turner James Investments, a holding company that owns unique income producing properties including, The Stutz Business Center, The Stutz II & Wasatch Lake. Woodard started his current career path in the 1980s by purchasing real estate in Irvington and Meridian Kessler neighborhoods. He also managed a factory building on Michigan Road where he sub-leased the 50,000 square foot facility to several small businesses in the city.

In the early 1990s Woodard decided he wanted to own a similar property in Indianapolis. Realtors led him to The Stutz factory on Capitol Avenue between 10th and 11th Streets. There were rumors that the building could be torn down and land reused for a parking lot or a new high rise.

Woodard, who had heard stories about the factory and its famous first owner Harry Stutz (inventor of the Bearcat race car) from his father, spent several months researching the economics of the 400,000 square foot purchase.

The numbers proved to add up on paper, and today, The Stutz Business Center offers small- to mid-sized business owners Indy's most unique space for rent. Today, The Stutz houses more than 180 tenants, including architects, artists, attorneys, graphic design firms, advertising firms, Internet design firms, engineering firms and other small businesses of all kinds.

In fact, the venture has proven so successful that Woodard purchased The Stutz II (the adjacent factory building south of The Stutz) in 2002 to accommodate additional prospective tenants.

Woodard's additional commercial properties have included Duplexes in the Irvington area along with a 15 unit condominium complex in Broad Ripple at 67th and College. Woodard also owns Wasatch Lake, a nearly 300 acre wooded retreat just one-hour southwest of Indianapolis that consists of eight rental cabins, a 10,000 square foot lodge and private 50-acre lake.

Woodard is a graduate of Park School (Park Tudor), attended the University of Denver and the Jim Russell Racing School in California. Upon his return to Indianapolis he had a successful career in sales within the maintenance supply industry working for HP Products, where he met many of the people working on his development and management teams to date.

Woodard's interests range from collecting collectible cars, vintage motor racing to contemporary oil painting to tennis and the occasional round of golf. He is on the boards of the Indiana Landmarks, Indianapolis Police Department Horse Patrol Association, and former member of Near Northside Development Corporation, and WFYI (PBS, Channel 20).

He is a member of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Indianapolis Racquet Club, the Sports Car Club of America, the Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association and the Classic Car Club of America and the 2007 ARTI Business Volunteer/Patron Recipient from the Indianapolis Arts Council.

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The Stutz Building History

Harry Stutz, founder of the Stutz Motorcar Company, built and headquartered his car company at the present day Stutz I and II from 1911 to 1919. Stutz is remembered for many things, including the Bearcat which raced in the first Indianapolis 500 and was built at his factory.

Today, Stutz's building is owned and managed by Indianapolis commercial developer Turner Woodard, who refurbished the turn-of-the-century factory complex into a bustling business center for small- and mid-sized businesses.

Through Woodard's vision and his team's hard work, Harry Stutz's, entrepreneurial spirit continues to this day.

Stutz 1

May 30, 1911

Gil Anderson drives Stutz's Bearcat in the first-ever Indianapolis 500. He places 11th thus "The Car That Made Good In a Day."

June 1911

The Ideal Motor Parts Company is founded where the legendary Bearcat is designed. This three-story factory at 217 W. 10th is now part of the Stutz complex.

History of the Stutz


Stutz breaks ground across the street on a new, modern plant at 212 W. 10th Street that will produce as many as 500 Stutz per year. These two facilities are the present day Stutz I and II. Stutz Bearcats and Blackhawks are recognized as one of the finest sports and racing cars of their day. The Stutz sedans are acknowledged as one of the safest cars, due to Harry Stutz's innovative under slung suspension and transmission designs.


A group of investors joins participation in the Stutz Company. The company is reorganized and becomes The Stutz Motorcar Company of America.

History of the Stutz


Stutz and the original investors sell their remaining shares to Charles Schwab of Bethlehem, retiring millionaires.


Frank Lockhart and the Stutz team attempt to set a new land speed record with a Stutz Blackhawk. They travel 202 MPH on the beach at Daytona, only to fail when the right front tire blows on the return run and crashes into the ocean. Frank Lockhart is killed and the Stutz team never races again!


The stock market crashes.

History of the Stutz


The company, like many, hand-built automobiles during this era, was severely hurt by the economic depression in the 1930's. The Stutz Factory shutters its doors. For more historical information visit


Eli Lilly and Company purchased the factory and establishes its "Creative Packaging" division at the building until 1982. The facility stood vacant for a decade and its existence began to be questioned.

September 1993

Turner Woodard, an Indianapolis resident and adaptive reuse developer, purchases the building with the vision to restore but not alter the factory. He envisions a business center for small- and mid-sized companies where they can flourish in a truly unique entrepreneurial atmosphere.


The Innovative Spirit of Harry Stutz lives again thanks to Turner Woodard, his management team and tenants! The 400,000 square foot Stutz building is home to more than 150 tenants. The former automobile factory occupies an entire city block with seven buildings, five freight elevators, and 11 loading docks!


Artists, architects, attorneys, graphic design firms, advertising firms, internet firms, engineering firms, and other small business owners enjoy flexible space and lease terms that fit their budget.

The Stutz Car

Since the 1970s,Turner Woodard has methodically assembled his car collection that features desirable collectable cars along with some that he just loves to drive. Woodard keeps a list of potential cars for the collection down to the make, model, year, color and desired purchase price. His current wish list includes: any Stutz make or model, 1963-67 Corvettes sports cars, 1940s Lincoln or Cadillac vehicles, 1950s Jaguar XKs 120, 140 or 150 automobiles.

Several of the vintage vehicles are housed at The Stutz Business Center in downtown Indianapolis, which he owns and his company manages.As owner of the historic facility, the collection has taken on increasing importance.The Stutz and Stutz II are the original home of the Stutz motorcars. Today Woodard's collection includes a full representation of the Stutz line of motorcars.

Stutz Club

Stutz 1

The Stutz Tower

Proposed 18-story condo/office mixed-use project to be developed by Turner Woodard and his Stutz Team!

Featuring: First floor retain - four floors of parking - two to four floors of offices at 17,200 square feet per floor - twelve floors of residential condos - topped with 6 exquisite penthouses - price starting in the mid - $200s
Stutz Tower Layout Two and three bedroom condominium units ranging in size from 1000 to 5000 square feet, all with 10 floor to ceiling windows. Condos should offer flexible design opportunities and generous terraces and balconies.
Stutz Tower Layout Possible proposed amenity package in the project includes doorman and concierge service, a private club as well as full spa and health facility.

This truly unique tower development will overlook downtown and the canal district, providing the most beautiful panoramic views of Indianapolis.

This Tower; designed to reflect the need to be environmentally sensitive, will aspire to a LEED certification through the use of energy efficient systems such as wind, solar, and green roof technologies.

Stutz Tower
Stutz Tower
Stutz Tower